Digital Transformation with GTY Technology: Webinar

Corporate Overview

In this webinar, discover how GTY’s modular software solutions will
enable a new standard in public sector engagement.

Explore the GTY family of companies by joining CEO, President and Chairman, Steve Rohleder, as well as the leaders from each of the companies that make up GTY: Questica, Sherpa, CityBase, eCivis, OpenCounter, and Bonfire.

What you'll learn:

  • Gain insight into how GTY’s modular digital solutions address specific challenges in the areas of budgeting, payments, grants management, permitting and procurement  
  • Understand what is required to take the first steps to implementing digital solutions 
  • Realize how best-of-breed solutions can work in parallel with one and other to create high-value impact for you and the public

Benefits to working with GTY

  • A cost effective structure eliminates the work and market risk associated with an IPO.
  • Once publicly traded, your company may enjoy enhanced liquidity through greater access to capital markets.
  • Public companies typically trade at higher multiples than private companies given enhanced liquidity.
  • Your Company can issue additional stock through secondary offerings.
  • Public companies tend to have more options to pursue growth, including mergers and acquisitions since company stock can be used as currency to acquire target companies.
  • The Company can offer stock bonuses and/or stock options as an incentive to attract and retain key talent.

Reach Your Potential

GTY management team’s unique industry expertise, deep relationship network, proven deal-sourcing capabilities, and combination of structural benefits provides a unique environment to help emerging private companies achieve their full potential and value.