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Through an extensive review process, GTY selects best of breed solutions to be a part of their comprehensive software suite.


GTY’s objective is to identify companies with a leading competitive position, a strong management team, a collaborative and collegial culture, a robust financial profile and strong long-term potential for profitability. Read below for general criteria and guidelines used to evaluate prospective target businesses.

CRITERIA AND Guidelines to join

  • Focused in the technology industry, primarily in software and services, to maximize management team’s extensive experience.
  • In a position to potentially benefit from additional capital to drive growth and acquire competitors.
  • An established firm with a solid financial profile.
  • Experienced and includes a motivated management team.
  • Fundamentally sound with the potential to further improve performance under our guidance.
  • At an inflection point, seeking growth and scale while driving operational excellence.
  • Recognized as a clear leading in its sub sector with market-leading technology.

Benefits to working with GTY

  • A cost effective structure eliminates the work and market risk associated with an IPO.
  • Once publicly traded, your company may enjoy enhanced liquidity through greater access to capital markets.
  • Public companies typically trade at higher multiples than private companies given enhanced liquidity.
  • Your Company can issue additional stock through secondary offerings.
  • Public companies tend to have more options to pursue growth, including mergers and acquisitions since company stock can be used as currency to acquire target companies.
  • The Company can offer stock bonuses and/or stock options as an incentive to attract and retain key talent.

Reach Your Potential

GTY management team’s unique industry expertise, deep relationship network, proven deal-sourcing capabilities, and combination of structural benefits provides a unique environment to help emerging private companies achieve their full potential and value.

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