Randy Cowen


Mr. Randolph L. Cowen, also known as Randy, serves as a Board Chairman at Red Cedar Ventures. Mr. Cowen served as Managing Director of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc and served as its Advisory Director. Mr. Cowen served as Global Head of Technology and Operations of Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. from September 2004 to November 2008, Chief Information Officer from October 2001 to October 2007 and also served as its Co-Chief Administrative Officer from October 2007 to November 2008. He joined Goldman Sachs in 1982 and served as its Partner and Managing Director since 1996. He has more than 28 years of experience managing IT and making the technology infrastructure purchasing decisions at a global financial services firm. He has extensive knowledge about technology, the IT industry and defining and implementing an effective IT strategy. He serves as Director at GTY Technology Holdings Inc. He serves as Director of NPowerNY Inc. and NYU Child Study Center. He serves as a Member of Technology Advisory Board at Bridge Growth Partners, LLC. He served as a Director of Data Domain, Inc. since July 2009 and Pivotal Software, Inc from April 2013 to September 2016. He served as a Director of The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. He holds a Bachelor's degree in History with a minor in Mathematics from the Michigan State University.

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