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Questica Releases Budget 2021.1 with New Collaborative and Social Features Ideal for the Public Sector

July 19, 2021

Latest product update offers new user interface and powerful cloud-based functionality to streamline budgeting, improve analytics capabilities and enhance the user experience

(BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, July 19, 2021) – Questica Inc., the leading provider of public sector budgeting solutions, today announced the general availability of Budget 2021.1, the newest version of its flagship solution, Questica Budget. Questica is a subsidiary of GTY Technology Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: GTYH) (“GTY”), a leading provider of cloud solutions for the public sector.

Questica Budget 2021.1 was developed to reduce friction and foster a more collaborative experience throughout the public-sector budgeting process. The company incorporated feedback from customers as well as a user research team made up of 32 public sector organizations including cities and counties, healthcare organizations, education institutions, courts, utilities providers, and public school boards.

Building on the success of Questica Budget 2020.2, this upgraded version includes new innovative features including a tasks interface, an integrated budget calendar, and a global search functionality.  The platform also introduces new “social budgeting” features, which will allow authorized users to directly tag teammates, engage on any budget element within the platform and ensure that only approved staff can view potentially sensitive data.  

Built on Microsoft Azure Cloud technology, these new in-product features empower the public sector to be more strategic, efficient and transparent.  Questica Budget 2021.1 uses an industry-leading data grid, intuitive interface, and advanced analytics to capture insights, minimize data reconciliation, and empower more data-driven decisions. As a result, governments and public sector organizations will be able to allocate fewer resources to manual processes and administrative overhead and increase time spent on analyzing past performance and planning for the future.

“For more than 18 months our team has analyzed feedback from the public sector and worked hard to develop and refine this new version of Questica Budget,” said James Orr, Director of Product at Questica. “Questica Budget 2021.1 introduces a truly collaborative and social form of budgeting where everyone who is authorized will have the power to input information. Then, with their data unleashed, agencies can modernize with analytics-informed budgeting and decision-making that increases accuracy, saves time, and improves trust.”

Questica Budget was created specifically for the public sector and is trusted by governments, non-profits, school systems, colleges, universities and healthcare organizations across North America. For more information about how Questica Budget Suite can help transform the budgeting and reporting process, visit

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For over 20 years, Questica has collaborated with public sector organizations to enable data-driven budgeting and decision-making, while increasing data accuracy, productivity and improving stakeholder trust. Organizations across North America are modernizing their business processes using Questica’s budgeting, performance, transparency and engagement software solutions. For more information about Questica, visit

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