eCivis helps state and local governments maximize grant funding, optimize financial and program performance, and prepare cost allocation plans.


Standardize data collection and reporting processes across your entire organization to drive transparency, produce more timely and accurate reporting, and help comply with federal grant requirements, such as the Uniform Guidance - 2 CFR 200.

Increase Grant Funding

We employ full-time professional staff to research and summarize the most important information from the thousands of disparate Federal and non-federal grant solicitations into a standardized format, which will allows you to access, research and determine pursuance of more grants in less time.

Reduce Administrative Burden on Staff

A full lifecycle grants management system that combines grant planning and research with enterprise project management capabilities, the ability to connect data with government ERP/General Ledgers, and management of applicants and subrecipients to dramatically reduce administrative burden.

Maximize Cost Reimbursements

Maximize your grant and program funding through full and complete cost recovery and allocation. Calculate costs on-demand and eliminate the high cost of outsourcing this service to produce a single cost plan, ICRP or SWCAP once a year.

What clients are saying about

Arizona increases grant revenues by 24%, saving upward of $500,000 per year.

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Detroit reduces audit findings by 88%, adds $202 million in new grants.

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Harris County tracks as many as 750 grants at the same time in one system.

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