Budgeting, Performance, and Transparency

Questica provides budgeting, performance, and transparency solutions that enable public sector organizations to shift from data collection to focus on what’s important: deeper analysis and data-driven decision-making.

One source of budget truth

Increase data accuracy, save time, and improve stakeholder trust by transitioning from manual processes and legacy systems to an end-to-end budgeting solution that’s flexible, scalable and sustainable. Questica Budget Suite integrates seamlessly with existing financial systems and human resources. We are customer centric with a consultative approach to implementation, training, and support that leverages our vertical specific expertise.

100% public sector focused

Built specifically for public sector organizations, Questica Budget is an easy-to-use, highly configurable and collaborative cloud-based solution for operating capital and salary budget preparation and management that includes: multi-year planning, forecasting and analysis, workflow, audit trail, role-based security access, amendment tracking, budget book publishing, and performance measurement and reporting.

Better performance and reporting

Questica Budget performance module goes beyond financials to track an unlimited number of budget and non-budget key performance indicators (KPIs). Easily assemble actionable data from anywhere in the system for analysis. Create interactive and shareable dashboards. Plan strategically with tools like our Advanced Calculation Engine that enables complex modelling for revenue, projections, and activity-based costing.

Open, transparent, and accountable

OpenBook is a an interactive transparency and data visualization tool enabling organizations to share and communicate their financials and other data generally hidden in printed reports and/or complex spreadsheets. Direct integration with Questica Budget and leading budget simulation tools promote and support deeper two-way stakeholder consultation and engagement.

What clients are saying about

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Florida’s City of Largo transforms its budget planning, engagement and reporting process.

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California’s Humboldt State University brings visibility to its budget deliverables.

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