A new standard in public engagement

thursday, june 27th at 2pm et.

Live Webinar

You've taken the first step to transforming your processes with a digital tool - why stop there? GTY Technology (GTY) invites you to join the CEO and Chairman, Steve Rohleder, as well as the leaders from each of the companies that make up GTY (Bonfire, City Base, eCivis, Open Counter, Questica and Sherpa) to learn what these companies aim to achieve together for the public sector.

Assembled with the goal of fueling the digital transformation of the public sector, in this webinar you will :

  • Gain insight into how GTY’s modular digital solutions address specific challenges in the areas of budgeting, payments, grants management, permitting and procurement  
  • Understand what is required to take the first steps in implementing other cloud solutions and the accelerated time-to-value
  • Realize how modular solutions can work in parallel with one another to create high-value impact for you and the public